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Aseptic Packaging

a foil aseptic pouch for liquid storage

Aseptic Packaging for long life storage

Maximise the shelf life of your product to offer greater flexibility through production or distribution of your product. Aseptic packaging is a bacteria-free multi-barrier storage option for asset preservation.

Product Range

Aseptic Packaging

Jet Technologies’ aseptic packaging is suitable for seasonal products with consistent demand through the year. It can also be used for batch storage of any liquid beverage, sauce or paste including:

  • Tropical fruit puree
  • Sauces, soups & chunks
  • Dairy
  • Wine & Spirits
  • Jams


A range of aseptic bag options include:

  • Sizes from 3 to 1500 litres
  • Barrier and Non-Barrier
  • Spout options available


Certifications that cover the following:

  • ISO certified
  • HCCP certified
  • Food contact certified
  • Migration certified
  • Environmental certified
  • Quality certified



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